Being The Boss When It’s Black Over White

Being the-Boss When Its-Black Over White-CoverThis book was born out of a need to validate what every Black leader knows – that racism toward blacks in leadership is real. Further, it is to air out some of the pernicious perceptions and beliefs that operate to make the position of leadership for Blacks unnecessarily challenging, and often, untenable. In addition, my goal is to share what I have observed and learned about being a successful Black leader, and strategies for Blacks who are tasked with leading employees who question their suitability for the role of being their black boss. These are insights I gained through incredible mentors, and from my elevated view as a Senior Vice President who had a powerful seat at the decision-making table.

About the Author

Kwame Salter, Author

CAREER. After enjoying a rewarding career in non-profits and local politics, Mr. Salter spent 22 years with Kraft Foods, where he rose to become Senior Vice President of Human Resources. He attributes his success to a strong work ethic, a commitment to excellence and to the employees he served, and unwavering candor. This is what Mr. Salter has to say about being a SVP at Kraft. “I had finally earned a seat at the table of power where employees’ career trajectories were determined. There, I became an advocate for any talented employee being overlooked, sidelined or derailed. I was especially vigilant in advocating for Black leaders who would otherwise have been left on the cutting floor after placement decisions had been made. I used my power – softly, but with a big stick of knowledge, courage, commitment and compassion.”

TODAY, Mr. Salter is a writer, a frequently sought-after speaker on the topic of leadership, a coach to senior and emerging executives, and a tireless advocate for Blacks in leadership.