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Kwame S. Salter: A nation in denial on race relations:



Kwame Salter Interview on Sirius XM Channel 110 with Joe Madison, The Black Eagle


Kwame has published the second in the Striving While Black series, entitled,Black over White: Being the Boss, Nuances and Challenges. Check out for your paperback version and for you e-readers go to Kindle and iBooks! This book goes beneath the so-called job description. As usual, Kwame candidly and openly the challenges that Black people in corporate leadership positions face because of their color. More importantly, Salter provides the reader with 7 concrete and practical strategies needed to succeed as the ‘boss’.

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Also, Kwame has released the 2nd edition of his highly regarded first book, “Striving While Black.” The book is a quick read. It is a powerful collection of observations, tips and techniques as well as advice/counsel that will help the reader manage their corporate career. While anyone would benefit from this book, African-Americans who are currently working or contemplating a career in corporate America are the primary target and demographic. Kwame speaks from the perspective of  a black person in striving to achieve success in predominantly white corporate cultures and environments. He distills in a straightforward and candid manner over 22 years of successfully managing his career and mentoring others. The book is a combination of practical advice, self-help strategies and motivational insights that can be effectively utilized by those he refers to as “the seriously ambitious.”

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